So the SUPRIM X 3070 Ti came in the same style box as the original SUPRIM X 3080 that we took a look at. That means it has a bright white background with a large photo of the card all lit up with its RGB on the front. The SUPRIM X branding is on the front with a reflective finish and then under that, you have the Nvidia wrap around with its standard green and black, this is where you will find the model number itself. MSI kept their branding on the front to a minimum with just their MSI Gaming dragon logo in the top left corner. Around on the back of the box, it has another picture of the card from a different angle. Then above that MSI highlights a few key features with short explanations. Down at the bottom, the Nvidia wrap-around continues with a feature list of Nvidia’s features. Then at the end, they have a very short specification listing. The only thing missing here are a few important specifications like the card's dimensions, display connections listed, power requirements, and the clock speed so someone in a retail store can see what the Suprim X gets for an overclock compared to other models. So you will have to look those things up online and MSI does have them all listed on their website at least.

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So most video card boxes have an outside thin printed box that slides off with a box inside. For the SUPRIM X MSI prints right onto the main box. This also means they can open the box up by lifting the side to give you a premium feel. When you first open it up you will get a foam top with an MSI branded envelope with the documentation inside. There is also a SUPRIM mousepad, this is a small addition but most video cards don’t come with anything, so I do love that with the flagship SUPRIM card you get more. As for documentation you get a comic that shows how to install your GPU and a user guide. There is a normal installation guide as well as a warranty registration card. Then they also have a small MSI ad that shows off some of the other products that MSI makes.

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Once you take the foam off the top the card itself comes wrapped up in a static protective bag then it is sitting in a cut foam tray. This is a little less in your face than the experience of opening up a Founders Edition card because Nvidia doesn’t keep that card in a bag so when you open things up it is right in your face. But the SUPRIM X does come well protected. Below the card, there is another included bonus but I will touch on that in a minute.

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So MSI includes a support bracket. In the past, they have sometimes gone with brackets that attach to the PCI bracket but this one is a little more universal. It is a pole with a base and an adjustable height arm. This will hold up the end of the large SUPRIM card to prevent sagging and any potential damage to the PCI slot as well. The base has the MSI gaming dragon logo on it and then rubber feet on the bottom. Then the adjustable arm has a thumbscrew to hold it in place, rubber on top, and the SUPRIM branding on the side.

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