Overall and Final Verdict

Well even with the short amount of testing time I had with the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset it does look like Logitech has put together a solid product. I was surprised at the overall build quality which with things like the aluminum forks, detachable and replaceable microphone and cord, and the surprisingly good quality leatherette used in the headband show that Logitech spent time adjusting and making changes with the headset. I also love the simple styling that doesn’t rely on RGB lighting or overdone “gaming” style accents to get your attention. It looks just at home on a kid playing Fortnite as it would on someone listening to music in a busy workplace.

When it came to specifications the microphone and 50mm drivers didn’t really stand out, but when it came to the actual performance I was impressed with both. I didn’t have any distortion even at high volumes and with the bass cranked up and I think my video recording that compares the microphone to other devices speaks for itself on the quality of the microphone. Comfort wasn’t ever an issue as well, especially when paired with the velour earpads that come with the X model.

I didn’t have a lot of complaints really, you can use the Pro X on just about any device and they even give you two full cords depending on how you plan on using it. The microphone did pick up every disgusting noise that my mouth made when talking but the software allows actual real adjustment that can help tune that out. My only other complaint is that it is wired at all, a nice wireless model. Especially if it had swappable batteries would make a solid case as a replacement for my Arctis Pro Wireless. Knowing Logitech they are working on something!

As for pricing, well the non-X standard G Pro Gaming Headset is listed at $99.99 and the model I tested which comes with the USB DAC and velour earpads runs $129.99. Now neither are cheap, but the regular model is in line with the Arctis 5. Adding in the DAC raises the price up, but it is also the only way to get all of the adjustment the Blue Voice offers. If you have a good DAC already the regular model is going to be a better value, but you are giving up those nice velour earpads as well. Pricing wise the additional money is still cheaper than picking up a Sound BlasterX G1, which btw the DAC with the Pro X looks suspiciously like, so it isn’t a bad price if you don’t have a good solution already. In other words, at $129.99 the price isn’t going to win any value awards, but it is in line with what you are getting and the competition.


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