Logitech bundled the C615 HD Webcam in a very convenient easy to grab and go package. Along with attractive blue and white colors that matches the standard Logitech product theme.  On the front you will see a clear view of the C615 webcam. Along with a few details on the stand out specs featured on this webcam, including the Full HD 1080p video recording, 8MP Photos, autofocus and the fold-and-go design. There is also a list of a few of the communication programs that you can use the webcam with.

 image 2

The left side of the packaging is where you will find all the webcam's impressive specs, along with the system requirements and a list of what is included in the box. Over on right side you will see an image showing the fold and go design. This also shows a comparison of the features on a small chart showing its younger sister the C525 and big brother the C910.

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