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So when the Logitech BRIO first came in I was extremely excited. It has everything I have been asking for in a webcam and it is for the first time in a very long time cutting edge. Hell when was the last time anyone said cutting edge when talking about a webcam. It's true, Logitech pulled out all of the stops on this one. You get a full 4k sensor with multiple field of view settings. It finally takes advantage of USB 3.0 and it even has a detachable cord that uses a Type-C connection. They didn’t play with the mounting options too much. Sticking with a design similar to the past that has proven to work well, although I wouldn’t be against having a little room to turn the camera right and left on the mount. Along with the 4k sensor, the higher bandwidth of USB 3.0 allows higher FPS on the lower resolution, so 1080 supports 60 FPS and at 720p you have an ultra smooth 90 FPS.

Sadly with this being cutting edge and new, it doesn’t have the same polished feel like the C920 has after having similar models out for years now. The BRIO runs into multiple software issues. The main issue for me is you can’t use the software if you have any other Logitech webcams installed, this is a big issue for content creators, especially streamers who use them for different angles. There are also issues with the BRIO and the new Microsoft Creators Update, but it does look like they are getting those worked out. Beyond that, there are just a few small design issues with the cord that could use work in the future. The detachable design is great but the plug from the cord ends up extending out well past the mount, so if your monitor is close to a wall or like in my case where I have a second monitor above mine, it gets tight. Also, the cord is really thick and hard to manage and move around. Beyond that, though I love the look and design of the BRIO.

So is this the camera to get? Well if you want the best possible picture or you want those buttery smooth frame rates, this is really the only option. But go in knowing that you aren’t going to get the fully flushed out experience that you normally get from a Logitech webcam. There are software issues, things are slow to load and because the programs that you use a webcam with don’t normally see 4k devices you will run into teething issues there as well. Logitech does seem to be working some issues out and others will just take time. If you want a smooth experience you might want to stick with a C920 or C922, but if you want to bump up your quality without buying a high-end camera and a high-end 4k capture device this should do the job.


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