As always I should repeat the warning at the start of this coverage. This isn’t a full review, we just don’t have the equipment needed to test the Toughpower GF2 ARGB up to our normal standard. I just took a basic look at its features and with it being an RGB PSU I also took a look at the lighting. I would still reserve judgment on actual PSU performance for those who have the equipment to handle the testing. In the past, I have done some initial testing using the PassMark PSU tester, but even that has had some testing that was off so I would rather not put any false information out there.

What we do know about the Toughpower GF2 ARGB however is that Thermaltake is targeting a mid-range with the Toughpower GF2 ARGB. It has a 90 Plus Gold rating for efficiency which is a lot better than some of the other lower-end RGB PSUs. They have also upped the support with a 10-year warranty which is solid and that is important because often a power supply is the component in your build that you keep around the longest. CPU and GPU will see upgrades twice or more in that time and with that storage and ram and even your case will often feel dated before then.

As far as features go, they do cover bases with modular cables as well as including a storage bag for the cables in the future. If you are into RGB lighting, the lighting on the Toughpower GF2 ARGB is bright and easy to see and the addressable LEDs offer a lot of effects that older standard RGB power supplies won’t have. But more importantly, I like that the lighting can be tied in with your current controller or motherboard or if you want you can use the integrated dual button setup on the back of the power supply to change between standard lighting effects or to change the color itself. You have less control than you would with an integrated software solution, but it also means that in 10 years when you are still using the Toughpower GF2 ARGB that you won’t have to deal with an old program that isn’t supported anymore to change your lighting. The combination of motherboard integration or button controls keeps things simple while still offering a lot of flexibility.

I did have the issue with the loose screw, but Thermaltake also did a good job addressing that. But as far as long-term quality and performance goes, that part will remain to be seen. The 10-year warranty does help though. As for pricing, well a normal 850 watt 90 Plus Gold rated power supply with modular cables from brands that you would know starts at $129, and the Toughpower GF2 ARGB as of right now is $208 on Amazon though it was just $178 before that. So you are paying a premium for the addressable RGB lighting, that’s for sure. But at 850 watts there aren’t any other compatible competition unless you dig into lesser-known brands. Corsairs RGB options top out at 750 watts right now for example. The Toughpower GF2 ARGB has a much better look with the fully lit up sides than previous RGB options from Thermaltake as well. Overall I wish the pricing was back down to $178 because I think at that price the Toughpower GF2 ARGB was in line with where it should be.

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