For packaging on the Ignite, Patriot went well and above what we have been seeing from a lot of other manufactures. Not only did they box up the drive but they included a window on the box to give the best of both worlds. From front of the box Has a little bit of general information along the side of the drive along with the Patriot and Ignite branding up top. On the back we have a photo of the drive in color along with a shirt paragraph on the drive. They also highlight the same features from the front but this time they include a little more information. Personally I don’t really consider most to be features though. Mentioning the performance or the controller would be better features IMO.

image 1

image 2

Inside the drive comes in a plastic tray. Along with it you get a small guide on the drive as well.

image 3


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36558 01 Apr 2015 18:42
I hope everyone who made it out to the LAN has recovered. I know I am finally back to getting work done as well. Today I take a look at the Ignite from Patriot, enjoy!

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