While we’re in there syndrome

Honestly, beyond potentially switching to a custom loop in the future I didn’t have any plans to touch anything else in this build. But being busy and also procrastinating finishing this up I took a big gap between our last coverage and now. In that time Nvidia launched the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti. When I had everything apart I made a last minute decision to go ahead and swap the RTX 3080 that I previously put in out with the newer RTX 3080 Ti. It isn’t a huge upgrade and it’s not one I would suggest anyone plan on doing. But when I already have both in the office it only made sense to switch things up. The cooler design on the 3080 Ti Founders Edition is exactly the same which is good because it looks amazing with the black and blue theme in the Case Labs BH8.

image 42


With everything back together, the build looks great. The only exception to that would be the fan wiring for the AIO up top which is a little too visible for my liking with the side window.

image 1


image 2



Now, just like with the switch to the RTX 3080 Ti, I tend to want to change things up. So it’s possible that this isn’t the last time the Crushed build will be around. I would be curious what others would like to see. If I do a custom loop, should I go with blue coolant or maybe orange for a little bright contrast? I also need to revisit and check out the performance as well. Did the changes fix the issues I was running into?

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